Our Team

Candina Malabag/DelaRiva – X118
Operations Manager & Customer Service Specialist for Both California & Nevada areas
Eric Nelson – X100
Customer Service Call Center
Let me introduced myself.

My name is Eric. I previously worked at UC Berkeley and University of San Francisco for 25 years, before I came to (HMCS) Homemade Cleaning Services.

While I was there I worked for the IT Department  (Information Technology Dept). My job titles were Production Control Analyst – Supervisor and Liason.

I learned amazing skills in Production Control Automation Processing – Coding on applications for payroll /general ledger and business finance systems.
Process Coordinator and management.

Customer service skills for all applications.

I  also have some wonderful hobbies that are very dear to me.

I’m a musician and play the tenor saxophone in a jazz/Blues band.

I love caring for animals.

I also love world travel as well as cooking.

I jumped on the opportunity to work for a great company Homemade Cleaning Services in order to utilize my previous skills and customer service experience.

I’m looking forward in working with are new and old cutomers in order to expand Homemade Cleaning Services  (HMCS )

Carey Allen
Our Pet Care Specialist
Graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Hello, my name is Carey! I am the new pet care specialist for Home Maid Cleaning Services. I have a great passion for animals. I’ve been a caretaker for animals a large portion of my life. I grew up on a hobby farm, learning how to take care of dogs, cats, bunnies, sheep, and cows. My favorite pet was Basil, a 160 lb. St. Bernard dog. I now work with mostly dogs and cats, offering pet sitting, dog walking, and any services to help accommodate the owners and their pets. I takes great pride in what I do and am continuously educating myself on how to be of better service to these animals and their owners. Although I am open-minded and try to be well-rounded in my expertise, I do have a special favorite mentor I like to follow and he offers me great guidance – Cesar Milan . I am also a yoga instructor and one of my favorite poses is downward dog (ironically), but the cat pose comes to a close second (lol). Please use our contact us page to reach out for more specifics on our services and schedule an apt today for safe and friendly care for your pets and/or home.

I was lucky enough to meet Candina from Home Maid while dog sitting for a fellow client that used their services. Now I am part of the Home Maid team and I am so grateful, especially since they take pride in what they do and offer the best quality service to their customers. I look forward to meeting these standards as well as a pet care specialist.

Robert Kantor
Handyman Specialist
Italia Gonzalez
Spanish/English Interpreter
I am a former Invoice Control Employee of Rod & Moore Security & Motherhood Maternity, Studied medical assisting at Academy of Healing Arts, an am now an employee  of Home Maid Cleaning Services, where I am free to combine my professional skills, and natural ability to be comical, outgoing, and friendly in my Customer Service & Communications (English/Spanish Translator) position. 
Who would have known, jobs could be so fun! 
I absolutely love the outgoing individuals, diverse customers, and integrity, honesty, and well-rounded care that this cleaning company goes above and beyond to provide not only to the customers, but to their workers as well. They really strive to take care of all they encounter, their families, and pets.