Our Cleaning Service Company

My name is Candina, the Operations Manager of this wonderful and exciting home and office cleaning service company. I would like to take a moment to personally welcome you and provide a brief summary of our mission statement which will allow you a better insight to who we are and what we offer to you as a customer, employee or just interested third party. 

Our company takes pride in separating ourselves from the rest by not only providing you with excellent service, but most importantly creating a traditional relationship with you that focuses on traditional cleaning methods you grew up to know and love. We do this with an opened mind, willing to learn, and continuous adaptation to change. 

This way, we can stay current with available options, while maintaining our desire to remain original – Home Maid. Even after operating as a successful sole proprietor for over 25 years by using familiar brand named cleaning chemicals, we are proud to inform the communities, that we have incorporated new products and services for your home that offer better options for a healthier, safer environment as well.

We value your individual personal needs and treat you as people, not manufactured products. In addition, we do our very best to match your needs with the most experienced related, trusting, and caring hands possible – which will keep you coming back for more.